Siege of Leningrad ribbon - Bow with badge

Блокадная лента - Бант со значком
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Цена: 45.00 rub.
Product price varies based on the dimension and other characteristics. Additional discount is provided depending on order volume.

Product parameters:

  • product diameter: 65 mm ± 1mm
  • belt width: 24 mm ± 1mm
  • diameter of badge: 30 mm

Interlacing – plain

The initiative “The Ribbon of the Leningrad Victory” was first launched in 2009 in honor of the anniversary of the 65th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazis. The colors used in the ribbon symbolically duplicate the colors of the medal shoe (For Defense of Leningrad). It is believed that the olive and green colors used in the ribbon symbolize victory and life.

Product Features

Taking into account the importance of the events on which this product is distributed, PTGO SEVER is responsible for the production of symbolic ribbons and products from them. Strict compliance with GOSTs is our most important criterion and advantage over competitors.
The Siege of Leningrad is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Composition occurs by means of the special equipment by five symmetrical loops,
  • Fastening is carried out with metal rivet and burr and a water mark with a text on the other side.
  • “The Siege of Leningrad with a badge” is delivered in an individual package, measuring 8 cm * 12 cm.
  • Fastening of the accessory takes place with the help of a pin included in the product package.

PTGO SEVER offers to buy a Siege of Leningrad bow with a badge with delivery to any region of the country. Individual packaging, original design and ease of use-all this distinguishes our products.

Requirements for quality and security of services

  1. Stability of ribbon coloring to weather conditions corresponds to GOST 9733.2-91 (ISO 105-WHO-88).
  2. Stability of ribbon coloring to light exposure corresponds to GOST 9733.2-91 (ISO 105-WHO-88) not less than 4 points on a 5-point scale.

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