Cotton cord

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Цена: 2.06 rub.
Product price varies based on the dimension and other characteristics. Additional discount is provided depending on order volume.

Cord characteristics:

  • Available widths: 1 mm, 1,5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm.
  • type of raw material – cotton yarn.
  • color – unbleached.
  • produced in accordance with OST 17-10-035-2001 Domestic cord.


The price of a unit of production depends on the size of the ribbon (cord) and the volume of the order.

For regular customers we provide a flexible system of discounts!

In everyday life cotton cottons were widely used. If to compare with synthetic products, the natural cable has equal strength and weight, but is softer and more flexible.

High quality products

Manufactured on modern equipment, cords made of natural material are distinguished by the following set of advantages:

  • Long service life without loss of functional characteristics due to the use of quality raw materials.
  • High strength. Woven of many threads, the cord withstands a serious load.
  • Increased resistance to longitudinal stretching.
  • The material does not slip, so a natural rope is ideal for knitting knots.

Due to their distinctive properties, cotton cords, depending on the diameter, are used for:

  • production of belts, fishing and sports equipment, various props;
  • the manufacture of candles;
  • insulation wiring;
  • sealing plumbing;
  • decoration, etc.

Advantage of purchasing in our company

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