Ribbon for peakless caps

Лента для бескозырок
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Цена: 7.67 rub.
Product price varies based on the dimension and other characteristics. Additional discount is provided depending on order volume.

Ribbon characteristics:

  • available widths: 23 mm, 31 mm.
  • type of raw material – polyester thread.
  • color – black.
  • produced in accordance with OST 17-10-030-2000 Ribands.


The price of a unit of production depends on the size of the ribbon (cord) and the volume of the order.

For regular customers we provide a flexible system of discounts!

One of the most important attributes of naval uniforms is still a sailor ribbon on a cap. Today it is, above all, the traditions of the navy. In addition, the ribbon wore and continues to be practical. In windy weather, the sailors tied the ends of the ribbon around their necks so that the headdress did not fly off. The main customers of the ribbon are the largest military stores and army stores throughout Russia.


Peakless caps ribbon is a black ribbon made of polyester threads of different width and length. Thanks to the tight plexus of threads, the ribbon has a high wear resistance and resistance to fading in the sun. We produce two belt widths: 23 mm and 31 mm.


If you need a ribbon of a different width, we are always ready to produce a ribbon according to your sample. At our company, you can buy a ribbon for caps in the right volume for you and in the shortest possible time. We are ready to cut the ribbon on special equipment to the required length for you. The edges of the ribbon will be trimmed with a thermo-knife, which will prevent them from blooming and will betray your neat ribbon.

For permanent and wholesale customers, we have a system of discounts. You can get consultation on the terms of the order and delivery of products by calling us: (812) 314-54-56, 314-57-65

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