Elastic cord

Шнур эластичный п/э
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Цена: 1.42 rub.
Product price varies based on the dimension and other characteristics. Additional discount is provided depending on order volume.

Cord characteristics:

  • Available widths: 1 mm, 1.9 mm, 2.2 mm.
  • type of raw material – polyester yarn / latex yarn.
  • color – white, black.
  • produced in accordance with OST 17-10-043-2001 Elastic cords.


The price of a unit of production depends on the size of the ribbon (cord) and the volume of the order.

For regular customers we provide a flexible system of discounts!

Elastic cords are in great demand in the modern world. Due to its strength, ability to withstand a constant and temporary load, resistance to different weather conditions, they are used in a variety of areas.

Scope of products

Stretching cables are needed to solve common and highly specialized tasks. They are equally appreciated by military specialists, who use products in the manufacture of weapons-oriented products. Tourists, travelers and fishermen use a cord for mounting tents and awnings or constructing lightweight suspended structures.

The products were widely spread due to their specific features:

  • The “core” of the cord is made of latex yarns, which give extensibility.
  • The braid is made of nylon, which protects the elastic part from damage.
  • The outer layer is highly resistant to mechanical stress, temperature changes and wetting.

The combination of the properties of latex and nylon provides high flexibility and the ability to stretch without loss of strength characteristics. Its considerable advantage is its lightness and compactness. It can easily be placed in a bag or backpack.

The best goods from the manufacturer

Our company is engaged in manufacturing products on its own equipment and offers to buy an elastic cord at the most effective cost for the customer. Regardless of the size of the batch, you get inexpensive and high-quality goods in the shortest time and will be able to use the services of its delivery to St. Petersburg and Russia.

Advantages of our company:

  • Use of functional equipment.
  • Operative release of goods.
  • Affordable prices.

You can get consultation on the terms of the order and delivery of products by calling us: (812) 314-54-56, 314-57-65. Call us!

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