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PTGO SEVER is one of the oldest enterprises of the textile industry
The development of the enterprise’s activities takes place in two main directions:

Textile Haberdashery

Over the years of work in the textile industry, our company has acquired the reputation of a reliable and loyal partner.
PTGO SEVER, being a manufacturing enterprise, has both local and imported ribbon loom, which makes it possible to fulfill orders of any complexity and any volumes.

Also, our company performs many different orders for the production of initiative and symbolic ribbons. This is the “St. George’s” or “Guard” ribbons, issued directly for the Victory Day holiday, as well as many other ribbons used in initiative organized by both municipal authorities and individuals for use in numerous corporate events.

A new stage in the development of the enterprise is the production of textile accessories, such as ribbons and cords for badges and mobile phones, women’s and men’s belts and much more. Our company’s policy is not only to provide high-quality products at manufacturer’s prices, but also to take care of your safety, on the basis of what we began using materials such as reflective yarn that protects pedestrians.

 You can find full list of goods in the catalog section “Textile Haberdashery”.

Medical products

PTGO SEVER is successfully operating on the Russian market of medical products.

An important achievement of the company is the development and improvement of its products by medical specialists, whose analogues do not exist in Russia.

One of these products can be called a vascular prosthesis. The enterprise produces both straight and bifurcated vascular prostheses. All product development work was carried out in cooperation with leading medical institutions.

We work not only throughout Russia, but we supply our products to Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan.

PTGO SEVER has many years of experience of productive cooperation with the Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after. A.N. Bakulev.

Applying, based on vascular prostheses of Woven Prosthesis of Blood Vessels  – “SEVER”, a coating of biologically active substances, biopolymers and medicinal preparations, the Center manufactures vascular prostheses “BASEKS”, characterized by increased thrombus resistance, zero surgical porosity, antimicrobial activity. To get acquainted with the products of the Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery. A.N. Bakulev you can visit the site: www.bakulev.ru

In more detail you can find our assortment, prices and terms of delivery in the catalog section “Medical products”.

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Over the years of work in the textile industry, the company has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner.

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