Polyether riband

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Polyester ribands are used for decorating clothes, toys, household textiles. With their help, you can create beautiful original products, which are favorably different from similar products.

Product Characteristics

Our company produces a wide range of ribands of various weaving and colors. They are produced in rolls with a width of 4 to 40 mm. You can order an option that is perfect for you in style and size.

Our products are in great demand among sewers and large enterprises. Polyester ribbon can be purchased in small and large wholesale. Customers who purchase large quantities of goods are given special discounts. The advantages of our company are the efficiency of production and the observance of the deadlines for the execution of orders.

Delivery of goods is carried out in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and other Russian regions. You can choose any transport company. Clients are provided with a full package of documents necessary for cargo transportation and VAT refund.

Detailed information on the conditions of production and delivery of products you can find out from the specialists of our company by phone: (812) 314-54-56, 314-57-65.

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Over the years of work in the textile industry, the company has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner.

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