Vascular prosthesis

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PTGO SEVER has many years of experience in the manufacture of woven prostheses of blood vessels “WOVEN PROSTHESES FOR BLOOD VESSELS-Sever”. The basis of our prostheses is high-strength PTFE and polyester yarns. After production, medical products are subjected to mandatory sterilization by the steam method, and then packed into a special multi-layer dustproof bag. The product is then labeled according to all requirements and placed in a box containing all necessary identification marks and product information. If necessary, we always provide certificates and registration certificates for all medical products.


Our partners are the largest vascular centers and medical institutions in Russia. We take an active part in electronic auctions and quotations. We deliver to all regions of the country. We work with many transport and courier companies. Our experts are ready to advise you on the cost and delivery time of the order. Our email address:

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Over the years of work in the textile industry, the company has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner.

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