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Ltd. «PTGO SEVER» — one of the oldest textile industry in the Russian market.

The development of the company is in two main areas:

— Manufacture of textile haberdashery
— Manufacture of medical devices

Narrow goods

Over the years, the textile industry in the market our company has gained a reputation as a reliable and loyal partner
Ltd. «PTGO NORTH», being a producer now, has both domestic and imported lentotkatskim equipment that allows to execute orders of any complexity and any volume.

The uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that she is the sole manufacturer of jacquard ribbons and accessories on the market of St.Petersburg. The design of ornament is individually designed with each customer, which will meet the requirements of even the most
discerning customers.

As well, our company has many different orders for the production of promotional and symbolic ribbon. This «St. George» or «Guards' band issued directly to the holiday «Victory Day», as well as many other tapes used in actions organized as municipal authorities and private ndividuals for use in numerous corporate events.

New round of development activity is the manufacture of textile accessories such as belts and cords for badges and mobile phones, women's and men's belts, and much more. Our company policy — not only providing high quality products at manufacturer's prices, but also care about your safety, based on what we have to apply materials such as reflective thread, which provides protection of pedestrians.

A complete list of the range you can find in the catalog section «Textile haberdashery.»

Medical products

Over 50 years we successfully do business in the Russian market of medical products.

An important achievement of the company is development and improvement of its specialist medical products, analogues in Russia do not exist.

One of these products can be called a prosthetic blood vessels. The company produces artificial blood vessels as a direct tissue, and the bifurcation. All development to create products were carried out in collaboration with leading medical institutions.

More details you can find our range, prices and delivery terms in a section of the catalog «Medical products».